A red fox crossed my path as I set out on a walk, flashlight in hand and wearing a reflective vest.  The light of the full moon was obstructed by layers of clouds spinning webs of mist upon the landscape of the night.

A gray evening

My plan for a pleasant day of painting while Dave connected the oil lines to the new oil burner turned out to be a day of multiple interruptions and disappointments.  Our relatively new oil tank is faulty and Dave will have to return to install a special retrofit unit to make the Roth Double Wall tank function properly, allowing the oil to flow to the burner.  Another week without heat.

My day began with a cup of coffee and a gray morning watercolor sketch.  I didn’t find with paintbrush in hand again until the sun was already going down.  The gray evening sketch was more successful than the gray morning sketch.

Though my day was a bit of a disappointment, my walk made up for it.  There is something intriguing about the fragmentary glimpses of life framed by windows, illuminated by warm, interior lights.  I walked the two mile loop.  My nose inhaled the fragrance of fruit wood burning in fireplaces or wood stoves.  Music poured out through an open window of a teenager’s upstairs room, the multicolored curtains glowing like stained glass windows, the sound of tools clanking as a car was worked on in an open garage.  I like the sound of life.

Sketch:  Blocked in with pencil, painted with watercolor