Dave installed the conversion unit on our oil tank and turned the burner on yesterday at 3 pm.  We have heat!

New Furnace, ink and marker drawing

Dave surprised us yesterday by squeezing us into his busy schedule.  He installed the oil tank conversion unit, turned the burner on and left us with a burner purring in the basement as well as a small jar of Leak Lock to fix the two small water leaks in the copper piping.  Not only do we have a more efficient oil burner, we have a quiet house.  Ever since we had the tank removed from the backyard and a Roth double wall tank installed in the garage, we have endured the outrageously loud noise of the tank pumping oil to the burner.  We were told it was the pipes vibrating and all we needed to do was clamp them tighter to the wall.  Not true.  We hoped, if we had to sell our house, it would be during the summer months so that the buyers wouldn’t think they were buying a house next to a train track.  (I love the sound of trains and much prefer living next to a train track than listening to the oil being pumped into my basement.)  The conversion unit solved both the problem of the oil line filling with air and not sending oil to the burner as well as eliminating the horrid sound!  Thank you Dave!

Sketch: Drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Whalerman Sepia ink followed by two values of Ciao Copic Markers