… or maybe I should call this no cheese.

Bronx Bomber, Chili, Coffee and Dad's Red Coat

After our walk at Wagner Farm, my father and I stopped for lunch at a small deli owned by a middle-aged husband and wife.  The menu listed six different sandwiches, all except the Chicken Ceasar Wrap costing $5.95.  The wrap cost $6.95.  Three soups were also listed; Chicken Rice, New England Clam Chowder and Chili.  No price was listed for the soups.  The menu also listed the Soup and Sandwich Special for $5.95, your choice of any sandwich (half) and a bowl of soup.

Once every two or three years I have a craving for a Reuben Sandwich.  The Bronx Bomber on the menu fit the bill.  Both Dad and I ordered the Soup and Sandwich Special, Bronx Bomber and Chili.  After placing our order we poured ourselves coffee and found a table near the window.  A few minutes later, the wife came by our table and explained that with the Soup and Sandwich Special you don’t get cheese on your Bronx Bomber.

“Why not?”

“It’s extra”

“Why?  I thought you could pick any of the six sandwiches?”

“You can, but you won’t get cheese on it.”

“It’s not the Bomber without the cheese, though, is it?”

“No.  It’s a corn beef sandwich.  You can order that instead.”

“But we want the Bomber.  Can we pay extra and get the cheese on it?”



“But you can’t have the chili.”

“Why not?”

“It’s extra.”

“I asked your husband if the chili was considered a soup and he said it was.”

“It is, but it’s extra.”

“Okay.  We won’t order the Soup and Sandwich Special.  What we would like is one Bronx Bomber and one bowl of soup.  We will split them here at the table.”

“And you want cheese?”

“Doesn’t that come on the Bronx Bomber when you order a whole one?  It’s listed on your menu as one of the indgredients.”

“So you want a whole one?”



Ten minutes later a large bowl of chili was delivered to the table along with a small cardboard dish and an extra spoon, followed by the Bronx Bomber an extra cardboard Bomber box and two napkins.  Dad and I split the sandwich and split the soup.  It was exactly what we wanted.

After a delightful lunch of conversation and sketching I cleared the table and walked to the register to pay for our meal.  I was curious to find out what the total would be.  If we had been able to order the Soup and Sandwich Special, our total without the coffee would have come to $11.95 before tax.  The wife range up the Bronx Bomber at $5.95.  She then rang up the bowl of chile at $5.95…… total? $11.95.

Hmmmmmm  I wonder if, when you order the Chicken Caesar as your choice for the Soup and Sandwich Special you get it without the chicken…………..

Sketch: drawn first with fountain pen, followed by watercolor