My tiny Jade Plant has grown large and strong, sprouting little ones of its own at the base of its trunk.

Jade Plant, Crassula Ovata

Sketches of my plants often turn into a labor of love, taking far more time than I have allotted for my morning wake-up drawing.  I am now two hours behind schedule and I don’t really care.  After seeing the result of yesterday’s distracted attention while painting the drawing of the Christmas Cactus, I am reminded of the importance of commitment to focus when either pencil or brush is in my hand.

I began in early morning prior to the sun shining through the window.  By the time I finished the line drawing, the light had changed drastically.  Of course, the light continued to change.  I decided to choose the hues and values for the jade leaves based on shapes as they related to one another rather than on the actual light source information.

Drawing: drawn first with fountain pen filled with black ink, followed by washes of watercolor