I don’t often get sick ….. today is the exception.  I head cold has me at its mercy.

Dr. Frisoli's Christmas Tree

I fought off the oncoming cold with two doses of Alka-Setzer yesterday so that I could make it through the day with my Dad.  His annual physical was scheduled for the afternoon and the family Holiday party at his assisted living facility was held in the evening from 6-8 pm.  I barely made it home before my eyelids closed for the night.

I don’t make a habit of allowing a cold to keep me from my tasks.  I guess I needed a day to myself for healing body, mind and soul.

Sometimes, when in the throws of a cold, things happen that are a bit unreal.  Unfortunately, as the fever subsides, reality once again claims control.  I’m looking forward to checking, in the morning, the contents of the box that arrived at my doorstep this afternoon.  Can the contents of the package really be what they look to be?  Did I not read the small print when I placed my order?  I’m hoping that what I saw this afternoon I will see again in the morning.  I feel a bit like Alice and I haven’t even taken any cold medication.  Certainly something has made me a bit smaller than I was yesterday.

Sketch: Drawn first with Waterman Phileas fountain pen filled with black ink followed by Peerless Watercolor and washes of tube watercolor later in the day.