In 1956 I gave this candle to my mother as a Christmas gift.

Crayon Candle - 1956 Christmas Gift

The candle was made from melted crayons in Mrs. Morecraft’s First / Second Grade Class.  We took a month to hand dip the candles.  I found the candle, never having been burned, wrapped in tissue paper in a cupboard when we cleaned out the house in Martinsville this fall.  We lit the candle first to repair Tom’s broken wax angel that had belonged to his Great Grandmother.  It fell while decorating my Tim Burton Christmas Tree last week.  We then used the candle for our Christmas Eve Dinner centerpiece.  The awesome candlestick holder was a gift from my sister, Louise, several years ago.

Sketchbook Drawing: drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Nikita Red ink, followed by ciao copic markers to create patterns of light, middle and dark values.