The house is quiet.  Children have all returned safely to their homes. I sit in the blinking light of the Christmas tree, reflecting on the years gone by and dreaming of the years yet to come.

Chocolate Treats and cell phone

My replenished supply of dark chocolate bars is hidden away in one of my drawers.  Foil wrapped Godiva Gems, Hershey pieces and liquor filled chocolate bottles fill bowls scattered about the living room like animal traps capturing my willpower and keeping me from the bowl of delicious Emerald City Kale Salad in the fridge.  I stayed up too late last night drawing these bits of temptation and woke up too late to go to the gym, such a vicious cycle.  Already I look forward to tonight’s ration of dark chocolate and red wine.

Along with feeling thankful for a loving family, fabulous friends, good health and my art supplies, I am thankful for dark chocolate and a good, dry red wine.

Drawing: First drawn with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Nikita ink, followed by ciao copic markers for light, middle and dark values.