Goulet Pens has asked for feedback on the ink sample sent out this month.  Here are my test strips.

Rohrer and Klingner Ink Test Strips, January 2012

Ink Drop members where sent different sample inks this month so that we could share our experience with the colors. My ink samples are (from left to right) Cassia, Smaragdgrun, Alt Goldgrun, Morinda and Blu Mare.  The colors shown above are pretty true to hue except for the Smaragdgrun.  It is more of a turquoise green than it appears above.

I test each of my sample inks in five ways.  Using a dip pen I scribble a set of two lines, a single line, another set of two lines, skip a space and two more lines.  I immediately brush a bit of clean water across the first single line to see how it will respond to either a water wash or watercolor soon after the line is drawn.  I then dip a brush into the ink and brush it, full strength into the skipped space.  Halfway across the space I clean the brush in water, shake out the water and draw the full-strength ink across to see how it appears when diluted with water.  I let the strip dry overnight.  In the morning, using purple and yellow watercolor, I test the permanence of the ink when totally dry.  Over the bottom two lines I use a light value and a mid value copic marker to test if the ink will bleed when the marker is applied.

For my sketchbook drawings as well as the ink & watercolor paintings I do at the live Blues Jams, I use only inks that dry quickly with minimal bleed. Of the five samples, all of the inks are suitable for the next step, testing them in my sktechbook and during a live painting session.  The Blue Mare bleeds more than I would like, but the color is far to gorgeous to leave at home.

I’ll post sample sketches over the next couple of weeks.