And so ends my last day at the Prop Shop….

One of the amazing views from the barns

Most of my life I have been self-employed, a full-time artist.  Once I listed all the odd jobs I have had in my life to survive as an artist.  When the number  surpassed the count of 100 I stopped counting.  I worked at the prop shop longer than I have ever worked at any one place.  I believe that I also hold the record for having worked longer at the prop shop than any other employee.  It was a perfect fit for a long time.

We didn’t take scheduled breaks, we didn’t have running water.  The port-a-john was always clean, but a bit icy in the winter.  We depended on portable heaters of one kind or another to stay warm and large fans to stay cool.  We did, however, always take time to search for rainbows after a storm, to keep watch over courting geese, to call a stop to work whenever the weather brought alarming beauty to the sky and land around us.  We laughed, we cursed, we teased one another without mercy.   As happy as I am to move on, I don’t regret a moment spent working for Linda and Lowell at Anything But Costumes. I am grateful.

Photo: Sunset above the barns about a week ago.