I’ll miss all of you, too!

The best ever Farewell Gift!

Today is my last day at the Prop Shop.  Wednesday night Linda gave me a farewell party at her house and presented me with this painter’s palette signed by all of my co-workers.  Sooooooooo much more meaningful than a gold watch!  I love it.  I’m leaving behind a great group of people with whom I have enjoyed working.  People have come and gone while I remained, stitching together the holes in my life.  Life itself will continue to rip and tear at my personal quilt and I can’t wait until the mending is complete.  It will never be complete.  For me, it is better to fill the next thirty years with days of dedicated painting and to leave this world with a torn and tattered quilt than to live among blank canvases and unexplored territory of color and shapes.

Fortunately, today will not be a sad farewell. We have already set up the third Wednesday of each month to be card night!

Thanks to everyone, Linda, Lowell, Luke, Danielle, Sarah, Sue, Maria, Deb, Heather, Rocky, Henri, Allan and Josh.