The choice is to try something to resolve the painting or throw it away.

Before and After

The shape of the tree didn’t work.  I had nothing to lose by playing with a few strokes of paint, seeing what the results might be.  I added more color to the grasses behind the tree ( I prefer the duller grasses of version #1).  The shape of the tree is definitely better., not quite so awkward.  A few strokes can make it a keeper rather than a dumper…. at least for now.  My ultimate goal is to play and to learn …. to learn from my play.  I find no justification in cluttering my studio with paintings that either don’t work or don’t have the potential for delighting me.

Paintings: oil on gessoed wood.  Originally painted en plein air.  Additional strokes added in my studio. I don’t generally go back into a plein air painting.  It has to work 90 percent for me to search for solutions.