In spite of my absolute comfort drawing in the dark with a dip pen, I am petrified of using either of my two ink brush pens.

Trumpet Parts Number 19

I have owned two ink brush pens for over a year.  I bring them everywhere with me.  Today is the first day I put the tip of one to paper.  I uncapped the Pentel Brush pen outfitted with one of the black ink cartridges that came with it.  My intention was to use up the cartridges and refill them with some of my beautiful colored inks I receive each month through the Goulet Pen Ink Drop program.  However, though I had them with me all the time, I was afraid to use them.  My other ink brush pen is a Kuretake pen, also outfitted with a black ink cartridge that came with it. The tips are beautiful, promising controlled response to variations of pressure and light-handedness.

At one point, about forty years ago, brush and ink was my favorite media.  After several extraordinary figure drawings using brush and ink, I became over confident.  The next twenty or thirty drawings were disasters…. and so I gave up …. until today.  Odd, considering that I often use brush and watercolor with the same flowing line technique I used with ink.  The fourteen paintings hanging in the Bone and Joint Wing of the new St. Luke’s Hospital are all done in simple line with brush and watercolor.  Funny, and sad, how fear of failure stopped me from enjoying a media I once loved.  I’m ready to fall in love again.  These two pens are so handy, so portable and feel wonderful in my hand.

I am still petrified, but I will persist.