Another attempt at using an ink brush pen.  This time I used my Kuretake Brush Pen and added a bit of watercolor.

Trumpet Parts Number 21, ink and watercolor

I promise to be looser with my wrist tomorrow morning. My fear of the ink brush pen dropped a notch today.

For some bizarre reason, my hesitation to be loose brought to mind a moment of hesitation on the roof of a three story building in Boulder Colorado in 1976-ish moments before running ten feet, leaping off the roof, hoping I would land in the swimming pool three stories below.  I was a rare female in the company of male rock climbers. I had been told that others had jumped before me and I believed them.  What I didn’t know was that no one had jumped from the roof.  Naturally, after my safe landing in the pool, the rest of the climbers had to follow.  it was a rather foolish thing for me to do.  I did a lot of foolish things back then and don’t regret any of them.

As I mentioned before, my list of fears is very short and for an ink brush pen to be on the list is ridiculous.  In order for me to run off the roof I simply had to stop thinking about it.  I will do the same with the ink brush pen.  I will stop thinking about it and just enjoy the splash I make on the paper.

Image: drawn first with ink using a Kuretake Ink Brush Pen followed by watercolor.