Morning is a great time to flex the creativity muscles.  The annoying “don’t do it that way” attitude is not yet awake.

Primary Triad Color Scheme

As usual, I over-complicated the basic rules for the Color Scheme Game.  The end result is that I have a fabulous, all-level Painting Game that includes (at the choice of the player) basic elements of art: Line, Shape, Value, Color, Texture and Space.  The game may be played with either cards, dice or both.  Coming from a serious game-playing family, creating a game to be played alone or in groups to learn or overcome barriers in painting is a simple and fun solution.  It is the perfect foundation for the workshops I will offer starting in the spring of this year.

For me, playing a game is a much more pleasurable way to break old habits and explore new territory.

Sketchbook painting: Drawn first with fountain pen filled with black ink, followed by washes of watercolor using a limited palette of cadmium Yellow, Scarlet Lake and French Ultramarine Blue.  I added a bit of white acrylic at the end to bring back a white in the paintbrush where I felt it was needed.

To see a sample painting sketch of today’s Secondary Triad Color Scheme visit my Creative Color Blog.