I became distracted as the guilt surrounded me. I should have been working on my taxes! The distraction took its toll on the drawing.

Look at that mess!

Little splotches here and there.  I wanted to stay attached to my sketchbook instead of my accounting ledger! Trumpet parts, lily blossoms, thoughts of spring and planting kitchen herbs…. a dash of color here …. a dash of color there ….. so much more fun than digging through piles of papers looking for toll receipts, petty cash receipts and medical receipts.

I solved my procrastination problem by calling my accountant and making an appointment to meet with her.  Now I can’t procrastinate any longer.  I have to be finished by Sunday evening.  Monday’s painting will be total joy!

Sketchbook painting: Trumpet Parts No. 26, dip pen and  ink followed by  watercolor.