So, little demon, you think you can sit on my shoulder and whisper wisdom into my ear?  “You really ought to be cleaning the house instead of painting.  You really ought to be filing the paperwork instead of painting.  Really, Carter, you need to darn all those socks that have holes in them.”  Hah! those socks have just been thrown into the trash can.

Trumpet Part no 27, amazing shadow shapes

That little demon has been given the privilege of sitting on my shoulder far too long.  Today, after almost completing my 2011 tax preparation, I’ve silenced that little monster who I allowed to convince me that painting was really not what I should be doing.  I did not give up a weekly paycheck to “not paint”.  I did not give up a career decades ago that would have afforded me a pension to “not paint”. I’m not even going to waste time trying to figure out why I allowed that little creep a free ride for so long.  I should have banished that phantom when I was seven years old creating my own sculpture gallery out of the five foot high piles of snow pushed aside by the plows, refusing to return to the house to warm my hands.

I’m a bit late ….but better late than never!

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first with Waterman Phileas Fountain Pen followed by dashes of watercolor. My world is filled with incredible shapes and patterns.  It’s my job to call attention to them.  The shadows of the lily blossom won the battle with the demon on my shoulder!