My tax preparation is complete , I think.  Regardless of my level of organization, important details slip through the cracks.

Trumpet Part posing with Sculpture

The freedom I expected to feel hasn’t made its presence known yet.  Fortunately, I grabbed my sketchbook rather than work on something serious.  After completing this playful sketch of a trumpet part posing with Alexis’ abstract sculpture of a figure I started a more detailed contour drawing / painting of a trumpet part.  The drawing went well enough.  The watercolor washes left a lot to be desired.  Two disasters later, I created a third version by making a collage of the first two.  I’ll post it on Creative Color tomorrow morning. (Link to Post-It’s Only Paper)

Sketchbook Drawing:  Trumpet Parts No. 28, drawn first with ink followed by Ciao Copic Markers.  I kept to a middle range value scale.