I had forgotten what a fabulous brown a mix of cadmium red light and ultramarine blue can produce.

Dried leaves on the ground

As some of you know, I spend Thursdays taking my father on walking adventures, mostly exploring wooded trails.  He suffers from Alzheimer’s, a cruel form of dementia.  Yesterday he turned 89.  With a canopy of branches above us we stop to write and sketch together making use of well placed benches and fallen logs.

Last week, while creating the color wheels and color mix strips to further explore the possibilities of making purple with cadmium red light, I was reminded of the variety of rich browns and grays that cadmium red light creates when mixed with the various blues.  It falls short for the purples but scores high for browns and grays.  I’m glad to have been reminded.  Already I have made use of that information.

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first with fountain pen filled with black ink, followed by watercolor.