Triad color scheme with split complements, dominant color is Blue/Purple.  That gives me Blue/Purple, Yellow and Orange.

Trumpet Valve, Caps and Rooting Oxalis

The entire day was spent drawing the trumpet valve parts.  I have more than sixty drawings left to do.  I want to finish them before spring arrives so that I can begin my next series of 100 drawings and paintings as soon as the earth begins to awaken from winter.  I’m thinking of focusing on hedgerows.

Each drawing is unique, even if the subject matter is the same.  Each drawing requires my total focus.  Though I say I want to be done, I am not rushing.  I learn nothing when I rush.  For me, drawing and painting is about learning new ways of seeing and new ways of expressing what I see, it is not about making pictures.

Sketchbook drawing:  drawn first with fountain pen, followed by watercolor.