I brought back a couple of palm tree paper sketchbooks from Mexico for Nicole and Alexis.  They were wise to leave them unopened and to eventually give them back to me.  I haven’t found a medium yet that adheres well to the odd paper.

Trumpet Parts No. 45, India Ink

I thought India ink would stick to almost any kind of paper.  Already Sharpie markers, watercolor and fountain pen had failed miserably.

Trumpet Parts No.46, India Ink, Ciao Copic Marker, Gouache and Casein

I’ll try acrylic paint next.  Maybe that will work.  I don’t give up easily.

Sketchbook drawings: India Ink using Kuretake Ink Brush.  Bottom Image has combination India Ink, Gouache and Casein followed by a few ink lines drawn in with a fountain pen.