I’ve just returned from a fabulous road trip.

Piano Lady by Vuillard, copy I painted in 1976

More later…….

I brought my computer, my camera, and all my cords and chargers so that I could post every day during my travels.  I’m happy to say that I left them all untouched and enjoyed the company of my brother, his family, my friend (since the age of two) and her friends, rather than photo and post all the drawings and paintings I did during the last five days.

Oil Painting:  In 1976 I discovered Vuillard.  I did a series of about six paintings, copies of Vuillard paintings.  I was astounded at the wealth of information I learned in the process.  I had forgotten that I gave this painting to my friend, Kathleen.  I often wondered what had happened to it.  It hangs on the wall in her house in the upstairs foyer beside the room I stayed in for the past three days, awakening to the sunrise over the water in South Portland, Maine.  It was like meeting an old friend.