Another sketchbook painting from my recent road trip…

One corner of the kitchen on Pratt Road

I arrived at my brother’s around 6:15 pm. For dinner, Bronwen served the best lasagna I ever tasted.  A piece was packed for me the next morning for my ride to Portland, Maine along with a nice chunk of bread and a banana.  I saved the lasagna to share with Kathleen.  She agreed it was the best lasagna ever! If there’s a recipe, I’ll get it from Bronwen and post it.

My brother is a timber framer.  He built their home as well as the workshop where I sleep when I visit.  Both are open, airy, filled with light and good energy.  Savory aromas waft through the house and the wonderful smell of wood shavings sends me off to dreamland at night .

I was able to dash this drawing off after dinner, but was unable to finish painting it before tea was served and we began playing games.  Tea, games and the laughter that was shared was so much more important than filling the spaces with colors.

Kitchen on Pratt Road: first drawn with fountain pen, followed by watercolor.