Gorgeous day!  Potted the rooting Oxalis and put them outside on the new kitchen herb garden shelves.  In late afternoon I took a walk with sketchbook in hand and Peerless Watercolor Papers and Waterbrush in my pocket.

Tractor Ruts in Late Afternoon

The Peerless Watercolors slipped all over the slick surface of the moleskin sketchbook leaving me frustrated.  Bob pulled up next to where I was sitting on my collapsible fishing stool and let me know a shipment of 120 hens will be arriving soon!  That raised my spirits.

Bob's Conifers and budding trees

I moved a bit westward and across the street to where I had a great view of Bob’s row of conifers and the budding branches of the woods beyond his farmhouse.  The only colors I lay down using the Peerless Watercolors were blue in the sky and ochre on the fields.  The rest of the color I added using tube watercolor when I returned home.

For the next hour I sat on the porch and watch the light turn the landscape into a kaleidoscope of patterns as clouds drifted across the sky, blocking and unblocking the drenching sunlight.  It was heaven.

Sketchbook drawings: en plein air, drawn first in pencil, followed by watercolor.