Painting trees never gets any easier.

Cherry Blossoms, Weeping Cherry Tree

The day couldn’t have been better for painting en plein air.  I found a perfect spot in the shade and struggled for far too long, blocking in, getting picky, wiping off, blocking in, getting picky, wiping off…… Cherry Blossoms are so delicate.  The patterns and colors of Springtime are delicate.  It is difficult to be delicate when I’m painting with brushes that are 24″ long!  I’m determined to learn to paint with these outrageous brushes that I had the good fortune to find online.  They are much handier than the brushes I tied to long sticks after being inspired to do so by Robert Burridge.  What I find hard to believe is that I can still be picky when painting with these giants.

By the time I learn to be delicate, the spring blossoms will be gone ….. but flowering herbs will be next.

Cherry Blossoms, En plein air oil painting, 14.25″ x 14.25″.  Focus was on color value and edges.