I heard those words this morning in response to the question “Are you married or have a girl friend these days?”  The tall, middle-aged man responded, “I have two cars and a parachute.”  The tall, thin woman, a bit taken aback replied, “Oh…. guess you haven’t found the right one yet.”  “Guess not.” That was the end of the conversation.  When it doesn’t work, just keep moving on.

And so it is with paintings, too.

A bit of touch-up with a palette knife

I wasn’t pleased with the painting I did in the arboretum on Friday.  In the spirit of moving on I decided to  play with a palette knife in an attempt to breathe some life into the square, wooden panel.  Having read excerpts from Richard Schmid’s Alla Prima the last two nights before bed, I concentrated more on edges, values and overall pattern.  Thank you, Richard Schmid.  It’s not great, but it definitely is starting to breathe.

Hunterdon Arboretum Cherry Blossom Tree