In spite of the gale winds, I sat among the blossoming trees drawing and painting, struggling to capture the essence of spring.  Ah…. the joys of painting en plein air.

White and Pink Magnolia Trees, Watercolor Sketchbook Page

Each time I packed up my supplies, hands frozen and chilled to the bone, I was snagged by a magnolia blossom that screamed to be immortalized in my sketchbook.  And to think that it was 80 degrees last week!

Magnolia Blossoms cv. Betty, watercolor Kosar Hybrid Magnolia

The Betty ( Kosar Hybrid Mangolia) blossoms were outrageously beautiful.  The bottom blossoms were painted in ink with my Kuretake Ink Brush.  There’s nothing like spring blossoms to inspire improving my skills with an ink brush.

Sketchbook pages:  I’m finding that spring warrants drawing first with a pencil rather than fountain pen.  Spring wants to be open form rather than the closed form I generally create with ink pens.