After dropping my printer off with my favorite wizards, Curtis and Ed, I drove to Old York Cellars vineyard to see how sunlight altered the landscape.  The light was totally flat last Saturday when I attended the painters’ orientation.

Old York Cellars vineyard, Ringoes, NJ

Hmmmmm.  Do I paint in oils? watercolor? or do I work in my sketchbook having fun with ink and watercolor without the pressure of creating finished pieces?  I’ll load my trunk with supplies so that I can switch back and forth during the weekend if I choose to.  Between 11 am and 1 pm I’ll probably work in my sketchbook.  The sunlight only confused the lines of the vineyard stakes and grape vines.  I preferred the gray day with the wet, dark vines standing out against muted tones.

The wind was a bit much and my attention was spotty.  I packed up earlier than I had planned.

Main Street, High Bridge, New Jersey

On my way home, the multitude of empty parking spaces along Main Street in High Bridge was an invitation too tempting to ignore.  I lost track of what I was drawing and placed one of the sidewalk street lamps in the road by mistake.  Street scenes are fun to draw. Sketchbook drawings allow the freedom to make all kinds of adjustments to reality.

Sketchbook drawings: drawn first with Waterman Phileas fountain pen filled with Sailor Jentle Epinard (green) ink, followed by watercolor washes.