I rarely turn the car around even when I’m lost….. I just keep going.  Today was one of those rare days when I stopped and turned around.

Tree Nursery in Bloom, sketchbook drawing

My request to paint among the trees met with smiles.  “Of course….. park anywhere, just pull off the drive a bit.  We have pretty big trucks coming through with trees.  Pull onto the grass …. it’s fine.”

I found a good place to park and walked a short distance with my bags of supplies.  Trucks, large and small, drove by occasionally.  Each time, I saw a friendly expression and a wave through the window.  The wind blew gently, the sun shone brightly and the fragrance of blossoms filled my nostrils.

April 3, 2012, DuBrow's Tree Nursery, Pittstown, NJ

The cherry and pear trees were stunning.  I opted, instead, to focus on the Japanese tree lilacs, linden, red bud and the river birch in the distance.

Though I seldom work from photographs, I have a dozen photos I took of the cherry trees that I can’t resist attempting in oils.  I’ll save them for a rainy day or a sleepless night.


Top – drawn loosely with fountain pen filled with Sailor Jentle Epinard (green) ink followed by watercolor (en plein air).

Bottom – drawn loosely with pencil followed by watercolor. thin white branches of river birch were added using white gel pen.  tree trunks and branches redefined with pencil