The Rives BFK printmaking paper is a pleasure to work on with both ink and watercolor.  I even painted on both sides of the paper in my new coptic bound sketchbook.  Even though I painted lightly, there was no bleed through! I’ll have to test it with more saturated, wet, dark colors and see what happens.

Trumpet Parts No. 74, Ink, water and watercolor

I used a dip pen again, rather than a fountain pen, for my initial drawing.  This time I tried the Noodler’s Ottoman Azure, a beautiful, tropical blue.  When I saw that the edge of my hand was picking up some of the ink and redepositing it on the paper I decided to see what would happen if I used clear water with a brush to drag some of the azure tint into the trumpet parts.  I liked the effect.  Having played the Color Scheme Game on a daily basis for several months now, I opted for an orange shadow rather than a purple shadow, just for fun, knowing that the painting would be livelier using a complementary color scheme rather than an analogous color scheme.  A few touches of yellow here and there and I was happy.

Only Twenty Six more Trumpet Parts paintings to go!  Then it is on to a series of Hedgerow paintings.