Holding a weekly meeting with myself appears to be working to achieve both short term and longer term goals.

A gift from Dine

I usually feel as if I’m treading water until I look at my list and see items crossed off on a daily basis. Learning Coptic Bookbinding was on my list for several years.  Last week, after making my first book, I showed it to to my dear friend Dina Buist.  This morning she gave me this incredible sketchbook made from watercolor paper and coptic bound with a leather, tie cover.  It had been a gift to her, but she thought I would put it to better use.  Dina is a remarkable photographer.

Watercolor paper pages with leather, tie cover

The sketchbook measures 13″ x 12.25″ closed and 24.5″ x 12.25″ open.  The paper feels to be heavier than 140 lb but lighter than 300 lb.  I’ll try it out tonight.  I’m still too excited to settle down and focus.