In an attempt to bring my diversity into a realm of unification (sorry …. it’s the only way I can think of to say it). I’m attempting to view both landscapes and trumpet parts within linear planes.

Hedgerow Series No. 1, watercolor, 11" x 22"

Sketchbook drawing: En plein air landscape, View of the hedgerow in my backyard, drawn first in pencil, followed by watercolor.

Each line and each shape connects to another.  Though I worked intuitively, no line or shape is arbitrary.  If I could, I would change the darker green shapes.  They are too cool in temperature and a bit jarring, bringing attention to themselves.  I would also adjust the values of the color shapes to better define larger masses.

This is just the beginning of a new path, one that nourishes my hidden passion for abstract geometry.  J. Paterno would appreciate knowing that there are still glowing embers of my passion for math just waiting to burst into flame again.