In every painting, especially a large mural, there is one keystone element that unifies the whole, bringing all parts into harmony.  In the case of our landscape of trees, a 12 foot wide wall mural, the keystone was the far left tree in the second cluster from the right, shown below.

A cluster of trees

Sorry for the poor photograph.  It is extremely difficult to photograph the mural.  Hopefully Xochitl will have better photos on her camera and I can post them at a later date.

We thought we would finish in about two hours on Monday, the day most people were attending parades and enjoying barbeques with family and friends.  The keystone tree demanded far more of our time.  We finished at five o’clock, just in time to allow to clean up the dining room, put everything back in place and let our client’s family enjoy the holiday.

Left side of finished wall mural

The mural looks gorgeous.  The beautiful finish of the latex paint made the struggle worthwhile.  To the very end, it refused to dry as predicted.  Every time we thought we had it tamed, it challenged us.

Xochitl adding last few touches of paint

Xochitl and I work well together in spite of our different approaches to art and to painting.  the finished mural is a unified work of art.  It is not apparent that two, very different artists, worked side by side from beginning to end.

I was happy to wake up this morning and have the day to myself to catch up on all that had been left undone during the last three weeks of mural painting.  In spite of being happy to get back to my regular abnormal schedule, I am already looking forward to another wall mural.  I must be crazy.

Landscape of Trees, Monochromatic color Scheme, 12 feet wide, latex paint.