Fabulous visit with an old, younger friend this afternoon. I feel like a proud mother.

Flopped Over Peas in Bloom

As I recall, today is really Memorial Day, May 30th.  I thought more today about the men and women who died serving the United States Armed Forces than I did yesterday as I ate my deviled eggs during the legal holiday.  I believe all, or at least most, legal holidays now fall on a Monday or Friday for the convenience of a three day weekend.

Back to feeling like a proud mother.  Beth Brader, after going through a terribly scary episode in the local hospital, has awakened her artistic soul.  She covered her hospital room walls with drawings when she wasn’t catching flying tennis balls. She begins every day and ends every day with drawing using a bic pen and markers.  The work is incredible!  Klimt, Beardsley and Matisse all come to mind, yet her work is not derivative. Her drawings are uniquely Beth Brader.  Had Beth not made it through her crisis, the exquisite drawings I saw today would not exist.

I returned home, drank half a bottle of wine on an empty stomach and drew my pea plant monsters in my sketchbook, still feeling the thrill of Beth’s return to her art.  I think about the tragic loss of musicians and artists who died fighting wars.  I think about the loss of all those whose lives were cut short.  Yes, they died fighting for our freedoms.  A greater contribution than one’s life cannot be given, yet I wonder …… what art, what music, what inventions do not exist today because the inventor, the creator, died in combat before the contribution could be made.

Sketchbook drawing: drawn first in ink with fountain pen, followed by watercolor, followed by white gel marker, followed by dip pen in ink.