The day began with my banana disguising itself as my tea tin.  Now my little trumpet part is playing the same game.


Normally I would be breathing flames after an entire day spent wrestling with my computer, creating a new website.  I can no longer edit my Yahoo Site, the editing program works neither with my Mac nor Tom’s Windows 7.

I started my first website with Yahoo sixteen years ago.  About seven or eight years ago they discontinued serving my site when they redesigned their programs.  I stayed with Yahoo, but had to rebuild my site from scratch, I couldn’t transfer anything from the old to the new, including my domain name.  After switching to Mac, I’ve been faced with the task of starting from scratch again.  Time to say goodbye to Yahoo!

I’ve been at it since 4 am this morning, bungling my way through the GoDaddy Tonight software after wasting time having purchased hosting rather than a website.  That’s what I get for starting the day at 4 am.  GoDaddy was great about making the change for me.

The new site will be extremely basic, mostly minimal galleries of newer work.  If all goes well, I’ll go live with the site tomorrow!

I’m grateful to my banana, my trumpet part and my tea tin for making me smile throughout this challenging day.

Sketchbook drawings: drawn with fountain pen and ink, followed by watercolor.