Magnificent day spent in Keyport where I painted during the Garden Walk sponsored by the Keyport Garden Club.

Pink Yarrow and Lupine

I left early this morning to avoid the shore traffic and to check out some of the gardens before the event began at 11 am.  I visited only a few before making my choice for the day, Renee’s Garden on Jackson Street.  My friends, Dolly and Wayne, checked out several of the other gardens for me, but I’ve decided to return to Jackson Street tomorrow, as  well as future days throughout the change of seasons.

I’m not a big fan of garden ornaments.  However, I am enchanted with this garden filled with unique birdhouses, iron and glasswork “things” and miniature tea parties set up in an Alice and Wonderland fashion.  A giant clock was the subject of my second painting of the day.  As I painted, I thought back on the hours I spent reading to my children.  Lupine grew in front of the house along the sidewalk.  I thought instantly of Miss Rumphius.

The flowers and ivy flourish.  It is clear that Renee pours her passion into this magical garden and I can’t help but feel that energy coming back from the plants and trees.

I enjoy this sort of Plein Air event.  The artists are invited to paint.  There is no exhibit, there is no judging of the work. An opportunity is provided for artists to have access to new people and new places.

Painting: drawn first with fountain pen and ink, followed by watercolor