I posted a bumbled, morning sketch on the Creative Color blog this morning.  The second try had its own set of bumbles, but here it is.

Before darkening the shadow and background trees

Darkened shadow and background trees

A bit bizarre, but fun.  The color scheme was dictated by the Color Scheme Game, Analogous with Split Complements, Yellow / Green as dominant color.  The spotchy shape on the right was already on the sketchbook page.  This is one of my recent, handmade, coptic bound sketchbooks that I have made using paper from rejected watercolor paintings.  I was terribly intimidated by the mark as I began the ink drawing of the trees.  After a few minutes I warmed up to it.

Here are a few more samples of pages yet to come:

Sketchbook pages from discarded paintings

Sketchbook pages from discarded paintings

I’m sure that I’ll find myself collaging many of the pre-painted pages.  I can’t imagine what else I might be able to do with the one above.  Maybe by the time I come to it in the sketchbook I’ll have enough experience with the painted pages that I’ll go ahead and keep drawing with my pens.

All of the images are ink and watercolor.