We tried to stop giving elephants to my mother.  She agreed that she had far too many and didn’t need to collect them anymore.

Family Treasures No. 9, Green China Elephant Vase

My mother passed away eight and a half years ago and I still can’t stop adding unique elephants to her collection.  Nicole and I found this bizarre vase at the Far Hills Rummage Sale this Spring. If I hadn’t bought it, Nicole would have.  My justification is that it’s great for holding my brushes.  When I put brushes into it, I turn it into a sword-swallowing circus elephant and I find it visually disturbing.  Flowers look odd in it, too.  They sit on a slant.  Regardless, I love it.

Painting is 5″ x 7″.  Color Scheme is Analogous with One Complement; Dominant Color is Yellow/Green. Sketched in lightly with pencil, followed by watercolor. I miss drawing first with ink, but I’m determined to be flexible.