Here is my third and last panel for the Collaborative Project sponsored by Connexions Gallery in Easton.

Second Stage of panel

Bruce Solt painted the sunburst circles.  Karen Skirka painted the little silver trailer.

I didn’t where to go with this.  I think the styles of the first two artists are somewhat compatible, but I didn’t feel there was room for a third, totally different style of drawing and the trailer is far to literal for the painting to go in a more abstract direction.  What could I do to bring this painting to completion?

My contribution was to bring motion and a greater sense of space to the painting.  I opted to repeat Karen Skirka’s drawing style, unhinge the door and give it a touch of tornado.

Final Stage

I added three circles of black netting.  I used the netting on the first two panels I worked on.  I thought I would use tissue paper on all three panels, but I didn’t think it worked on this one.

Collaborations are always unique!

I believe all three stages are acrylic paint.