An attempt at working in the same style, but larger.

Much larger than my sketchbook!

Using the same Rives BFK paper and my fountain pen I began a large drawing of the sweet potato vine in the hanging basket.  I wanted to see how the ink and watercolor sketches might translate into a larger format.

Laying in the washes

A drawing of this size, in this style, demands hours and hours of attention.  I had drawn too much detail, with ink,  into one of the leaves.  I had hoped I could disguise the problem.

Finished painting

Along with each new disguise, I created a new problem.  With each new solution, I lost some of the freshness and clarity of the painting.  I finally decided it is best to start over.  Numerous lessons learned along the journey!

Detail at an earlier stage

Sweet Potato Vine: Drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Black Ink, followed by far too many washes of watercolor.