Sometime during the night my backyard was taken hostage by an instant population of mushrooms!  Even coffee didn’t get top billing this morning.

Morning Mushrooms

I’ve spent far too many hours online attempting to identify my new neighbors.  The gills show on both the top and the bottom of the cap.  I think they might be Marasmius Oreades, often called Fairyring Mushrooms.

Study No.1 of morning mushrooms

The stems are thin, straight and very white.  The caps are white to cream with a darker smoky dolor in the center.  It was fun mixing the subtle grays and browns from the travel kit I grabbed along with my sketchbook, water, pen and brush.

Attacked by ?

Hundreds of mushrooms shared territory with grasses and clover.  Only these three mushrooms were less than perfect.  Odd …  What might have happened to these three gentle souls?

Time for my cup of coffee …. long overdue.

Sketchbook studies: drawn first with fountain pen followed by watercolor.  I used one of my vintage Sheaffer fountain pens.  The cartridge that I had refilled with Noodler’s Black Ink ran out.  Without rinsing it, I refilled it with Noodler’s Rome Burning.  I like the tone of the Rome Burning, a touch of bronze.  I think it works well with botanicals.