In spite of our efforts to feed orphaned, baby rabbits using this tiny, glass baby bottle, we failed to keep them alive more than a day or two.

Family Treasures No. 28

The rubber nipple rotted decades ago.  Still, the bottle remained at the house in Martinsville, reminding us of the love and attention we gave the motherless, pink-eared bunnies we found every couple of years in the backyard.

The roll of film, most likely for a Brownie camera, captured moments we will never see.  We can only imagine what my mother was  looking at when she snapped the pictures, now vanished from the celluloid film.

The cotton napkin is one of a set or two, originally four, that lived in the kitchen drawer with the cotton aprons.

Sketchbook drawing:  Drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Rome Burning ink, followed by watercolor. I’m reminded of vaseline glass and the glow from the uranium content when I see the bleed of the Rome Burning ink.