Fountain pens make me smile.  I like looking at them, I like holding them and I love drawing with them …. almost as much as a dip pen with a flexible nib.

Street view of building and signs

The beauty of a fountain pen is that it carries ink safely inside itself.  I can carry a fountain pen in my pocket.  It’s much harder and far messier to carry a dip pen and a bottle of ink in my pocket.  No matter where I am, or how short or long I am there for, I can pull out a sketchbook and pen and explore something of interest in my surroundings.

Studying architecture with a fountain pen is far more fun than with a pencil.  I don’t mind when lines go awry.

Sketchbook drawing:  Drawn while sitting on the sidewalk in Bethlehem during the Art Walk on Saturday evening.  Vintage Sheaffer fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Rome Burning Ink.