The day was spent folding, tearing, gluing, drilling and stitching.  At the end of the day I had five, new, beautiful sketchbooks made from bfk Rives printmaking paper.  I love the look of the binding.

Coptic Bound Sketchbooks

Thanks to Liz Mitchell’s bookbinding workshop I now create my own sketchbooks, any size, any thickness and made from any paper I want.  The BFK Rives is, right now, my favorite to work on using ink and watercolor.  I can paint on both sides without bleed through.

Handmade Sketchbooks for ink and watercolor

It’s definitely worth it to get the thicker book board.  The thinner book board warps too easily and doesn’t protect the book as well.  The feature I like the most about the coptic bound books is that they open  completely flat, making it easy to work across the spine for a double page spread.

Sketchbooks made from BFK Rives paper

Thanks, Liz!