While walking around Chapman Lake, I found a discarded chewing tobacco tin.  The tin functions as mid-size, pocket palette, perfect for painting when traveling and for daily walks.

Chewing Tobacco tin

Now I have three different sizes of tins to choose from.

Small, smaller and smallest watercolor travel tins

I find the regular size Altoid tin to be too large for my pockets.  It is great for transporting a larger selection of half-pan watercolors to choose from when traveling.  Depending on the day, I select from the larger tin, exchanging colors depending on the time of day and the weather.

Plenty of choices

The smallest Altoid tin holds five half-pans of watercolor (or gouache).  The tobacco tin holds eight, the regular size Altoid tin holds fifteen!  If you pack all three in your suitcase you have a total of twenty-eight to switch back and forth, far more than I ever need.  The lids act as mixing trays or water reservoirs.  A thin sponge cut to size, placed on top of the paints before closing the lid and slipping back into your pocket keeps the paint from dripping out into your clothing.  Full-size watercolor pans fit, too.  You can mix and match any way you choose.  Perfect for spontaneous en plein air sketches.