I’m saving the lat two pages of my original coptic-bound sketchbook for morning drawings of the glass inkwell collection.

the original … first of many …

Yesterday’s weather was glorious!  I grabbed the next sketchbook in line and drove the four miles to Mountain Farm where I have a view to the net hillside.

Coptic-Bound Sketchbook using rejected watercolor paintings

I need to adjust to painting over fragments of older, unsuccessful paintings and the dirty splatters of the backsides of the paintings I tore to make the sheets for the sketchbook pictured above.  I like the horizontal format better than the vertical format.

View from Mountain Farm, No. 1

View from Mountain Farm, No. 2

View from Mountain Farm, No.3

Sketchbook drawings No. 1 and No. 3 – drawn en plein air with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Black Ink followed by watercolor using a waterbrush and half-pan watercolors stored in an Altoid tin. Top of sock cut as an wrist band for cleaning the waterbrush between colors.

Sketchbook drawing No. 2 – sketched lightly with pencil before painting with watercolor.