Tom and I took a test run yesterday, preparing for our upcoming road trip.

First Stop … Old Turnpike Road

It’s amazing that there are still roads near home that we have not explored.  Tom sat in the passenger seat and acted as timer.  I drove. I attempted, and succeeded, to find roads we have not traveled before.  After driving for fifteen minutes I searched for a safe place to pull over, park the car and pull out the two chairs from the trunk.  For the next fifteen minutes I worked in my sketchbook as Tom wrote a quick horror story.  Then we moved on.

Second Stop … Jane Chapel Road

The second stop was a wide spot in the road beside the ruins of a curved-roof barn and a silo buried in vines and hidden by trees and brambles.

City Street …. Hackettstown

Our last stop found us on the Main Street of Hackettstown.  I think the timer was hungry and thirsty.  It appeared to me that it was a very short fifteen minutes of sketchbook time.

We ended the trip with a stop on the other side of the mountain at the Long Valley Brewery Pub with a pint and a platter of food…. a successful trial run for the road trip.

Sketchbook drawings – drawn with a fountain pen in a sketchbook made from rejected watercolor paintings.  I applied watercolor using a waterbrush and my half pans stored in the Altoid tin.  Not enough time to apply color to the last sketch.