Unique road signs on back roads is one of the delights of a road trip.

Red Wolf Crossing

Route 64, just past Scuppermong, North Carolina…. first “Red Wolf Crossing” sign I’ve ever seen.  I regret that a red wolf was not crossing the road as we passed through.  I would have loved seeing one.

We watched the odometer on my K-car turn from 99999 to 00000 just south of the Maryland / Virginia border.

1988 K-car at 99,999 miles

100,000 miles, 1988 K-car!

A toast to an awesome car

We are spending our last night of our road trip in Ocean City, Maryland.

More than 525 Corvettes paraded on the boardwalk below our hotel room.  It was a special day for cars.

A parade of Corvettes

One last, out of the car, road trip sketch….

4 pm, Ocean City, Maryland, boardwalk

So ends my road trip with Tom.  Our next stop is “home”. Next week I head back to Maryland for a week of plein air painting along the Chesapeake.

Sketchbook drawings: Top – pencil and Watercolor, Watercolor …. Bottom – ink drawn with fountain pen, followed by watercolor using waterbrush and pigments in pans stored in Altoid tin.