If you love drawing with fountain pens and a splash of color, don’t throw away old file folders!  I love the smooth surface and the off-white, ochre color.  They feel similar in weight to 80 lb cover stock.  Light washes of watercolor or gouache don’t cause ripples. The nib of the fountain pen glides across the surface.

Oak tree behind the cabin at Carolina Landing

Overall, I’m pleased with the photos of sketchbook drawings taken with my iphone during the road trip.  The image above was shot on the back porch of the cabin under gray, morning light before we packed the car and headed to the Outer Banks.  The pale ochre tone of the file folder paper was lost in translation.

Starting my day on a porch (either my own or someone else’s), pen in hand, coffee within reach, my sense of sight and smell tuning in to the vibes of the dawning day is as crucial to me as eating and sleeping …. in fact, I am more willing to skip eating and sleeping than I am drawing and painting.

sketchbook drawing: drawn en plein air on file folder paper, first with ink using a fountain pen, followed by watercolor wash.