When I visit my friends in Tyaskin, Maryland, they always have projects for me to do …. painting projects.

Another artist’s painting….. no longer loved.

Anita purchased this painting more than 35 years ago.  She loved it….. but now she doesn’t….. It was going to be discarded.  Ouch!

I was asked if I could modify the painting, eliminating all of the blue ……

For me, it was a 30″ x 40″ canvas that would end up in the trash if I didn’t rescue it in one way or another.  I coated it with two coats of gesso, which luckily I brought with me.  I spent the morning painting, en plein air, Anita’s Baccharis.  Inspired by the autumn tones in the landscape, I created a new painting on the recycled canvas that now hangs happily on her wall above the piano.

Abstract Oil Painting inspired by autumn Baccharis

My heart bleeds for the original artist….. I apologize for painting over your painting.  However, if someone decides they don’t like one of my paintings that is hanging on their wall.  I hope they have an visiting artist friend who will give my painting a new life rather than throwing it away.