Earlier today I posted a drawing on the Creative Color Blog of the anchovies tin prior to opening and using the anchovies in the dressing for a Kale Caesar Salad.  The salad was yummy!

Semi Triad Color Scheme

Though its fun to step into the world of fantasy colors, the earlier version using a primary triad color scheme of yellow red and blue fanned my creative fire more than the semi-triad of yellow-green, blue-green and red-violet, a combination I usually adore when painting botanicals.  I might have had more fun if I had included what is left of the garlic bulb.  Maybe I’ll try another version in the morning. (Link to the next morning’s drawing post)

Sketchbook Drawing: Empty Anchovies Tin, drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Whaleman’s Sepia followed by watercolor, a few lines with a white gel pen and another few lines with the fountain pen.